Smart Marketing

In today’s digital world, digital marketing is the key solution to all your marketing and advertising strategies and tools. With our long experience in digital marketing, together with our consultants and leading partners from the industry, we are confident to provide our clients with the highest quality cost-effective advertising images and videos for any budget you have.

Our photography and video production services available to suit a variety of budgets, whether you are an individual wishing to make a small investment towards your marketing activities or corporate organisation aiming to become a leader in what you do.

Our dedicated leading partners from the industry have many years of professional experience in photography and video production services, you can be sure that we they will efficiently produce the highest standards images and videos. They work in just about every area of professional photography, from advertising and events through to commercial, public relations and real estate, as well as promotional videos. Together with our experts and consultants, our deducted teams will work very closely with our clients to develop new ideas and marketing strategies that will help your business grow. GI pride it selves on working with our clients, rather than working for them.

You can contact us to get your stunning images and promotional videos directly with our partners. We offer a truly flexible service to make your life easier. Our dedicated teams are happy to work on-site, off-site or on location and we also accept your products for photography by courier. If you need something else, contact us and we will be happy to work out a solution for you. These are examples of what we can offer you:

  • Full photography services by our dedicated team to capture high-definition images for your events/products/services and upload them in your website. Browse Sample Images.
  • Full video production services by our dedicated team to produce high-quality events/advertising videos. Browse Sample Videos.
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