As a leading international publisher of books and journals, GI provides a wide range of publishing services including printing, editing and copy editing, proof-reading, and typesetting. Our mission is to advance and share knowledge, education, learning, and research. GI is proud to provide publishing services in Arabic, English and French languages.

GI also provides conversion of your existing publications into e-books, and also the creation of new e-Books. The concept of electronic book (e-Book) is changing the reading habits of people worldwide. In this fast-paced electronic world, people want things, and they want them right now! And if you make e-Books, you can deliver faster than they thought. An e-Book is a computer file, which contains the text of a printed book. The file may be read on a personal computer (PC), a personal digital assistant (PDA) or an electronic device designed specifically for reading e-Books (e-Book reader).

  • Our publishing focus on a wide range of high-quality scholarly books, journals, conference proceedings, magazines, catalogs, academic and professional directories, training manuals and materials, etc in all academic disciplines.
  • All our publications are written and edited by the finest academic and educational scholars from around the world.
  • GI has an intensive knowledge in e-publishing platforms and would be happy to deliver a cost-effective e-publishing solutions to all our clients.
  • Our online publishing services enables researchers worldwide to access content through professional databases.
  • GI provides high-level typesetting and page design services with fast response times and competitive rates in all popular layout software like QuarkXPress, InDesign, FrameMaker etc.
  • We also specialise in large document typesetting including page make-up for Books, Journals, Reports, Proceedings, Magazines, etc.
  • We offer technical and scientific typesetting services of uncompromising quality to different organisations, universities, colleges, schools, publishers, editors and authors.
  • GI has expertise in formatting and conversion of manuscripts. PDF or TIFF documents can also be converted to Word, XML, or any other format as desired by the client, and then re-formatted as per specific needs. Layout entities are mapped between different document platforms.
  • We can create e-Books from hard copy (including images, photographs, graphics, mathematical symbols etc.) and from any electronic format. We can compile any pages that include text, images, photos, sounds, animations and movies into a portable, compact and attractive e-Book.
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